Tuesday, June 10, 2008

100th post drawing

Hello, can y'all believe it, I will be blogging my 100th post in just a few more days!!!!Truly unbelieveable huh?..hehehe... I've been busy making some needful trinkets for a couple of days, I hope y'all like them.
My sweet and talented friend Annette of "Huckleberry Arts" has made a delightfully gorgeous banner just for it! She is the one that did my blog banner too,
which is also fabulous!, but if you need a banner, she's the one to go to!
So here's what I'm gonna do, I have three groupings of items and the first two names I draw will have a choice, accordingly,
of which grouping they would like. So if all goes well it should be fun, so here are the gifts, oh and if you click on the pic's you can see it all glitter so much better!!!The first grouping has my logo beautifully embellished on a wand, full of glittered crepe paper ruffles, ribbons with tails and bells!
Two goody filled cellophane bags, the larger has my handmade and wrapped fake "candy" all in halloween colors with tiny plastic ghosts, bats and spiders, tied up with coordinating ribbons and a sweet little tag.
The smaller one has more tiny plastic characters plus,candy corn, cats and a golden moon disc with a witch silhouette, tied up with a tiny "silly" tag and ribbons.
3 handmade tags, on 2 I've used copied vintage halloween sheet music then stamped both with Halloween themes and ribbons, the third is also from a vintage print of a lovely lady. All 3 have a bit of glitter on the designs and made from cardstock and scrapbooking papers trimmed with more Halloween ribbon.
Finally two vinatge mini pumpkins, which I have applied sparkly glitter to, the are finished off with one single fabric leaf.
Next we have tussie #1, which is made of a plaid printed paper over a heavier material, trimmed with Halloween paper fringe at the top and bottom then embellished with all sorts of goodies, some handmade like the glittered tags with initial and some not ,like the ribbons, metal pumpkin charms and bell hanging from it at the bottom. 2 decorative hangers were used on either side of the tussie for it's ribbon handle.
1 glittered pumpkin, 2 of the embellished handmade tags but different designs and sizes, and 1 small cellophane bag of the "wrapped candy" with tiny plastic characters, all tied up with coordinating ribbons and sweet little glittered hangtags.
Last but not least is the second tussie, which has exactly the same goodies as the first. The only small differences is in the pattern and colors of the papers I chose to make it from, this one is made in a dotted design and the color of the trick or treat sign on the face tag is purple. All Halloweenie and ready to put up, but you have to sign up for it!
Good luck all!


Unknown said...

O o O O Sign me up pretty pretty please!!!!!!!!!!


Artisan Memories said...

Oh Flora it so wonderful you are having a give away but even more so that your almost at your 100th.

This is a great accomplishment. I love all of your crafts.

I wish you all well.
Love your friend.
Laura Ann

Artisan Memories said...

flora how wonderful that you are almost to your 100th!!! I can't wait!!
this is a great accomplishment for your blog.
Your art is fantastic, I love the trinkets you made for your draw.
Have a great day.
your friend.
laura Ann

Terri said...

Congrats on approaching your 100th post! Sign me up for your give away please!!! Would be honored to have something you have crafted Flora.


Huckleberry Arts said...

Congrats on the 100 post!! and thank you so much for the credit I always enjoy working with your wonderful Artistic ideas!!

Sign me up Flora please, lol I love your goodies, and so honored to display them too!

Congrats and so happy you do blogging love to see your work in progress

Have a beautiful day

Five Roses-Prim and Pretty said...

Flora, they are absolutely beautiful!!! Congratulations on your 100th post, what an achievement, sign me up, please Warm hugs, Kirrily

Skeleton In My Closet said...

Flora! Congrats on your 100th post! I really should do one of these blogs.

Anyway, please sign me up, I'm like the rest of these gals who would be honored to have something made by you as everything you create is simply perfect!


chris. said...

Hi Flora, oh please sign me up as well, would love to win anything made by you, hugs from over here in Australia xoxoxo Chris........

Cookie said...

wowie zowie - Flora, you have created some gorgeous things !!

Please toss my name in that had sister!


Unknown said...

I just found your blog and I realy love it. I would love to be entered in your 100th blog giveaway.

Best Wishes,

Rabbit Hollow Prims said...

Flora sign me up too love your items. I will also put a link up on my blog ;)


Rabbit Hollow Prims said...

Sign me up too please.


Lone Pierette said...

Hi Flora , so many great items , please pick my name !! 100 postings wow!
hugs Lone

Unknown said...

please, please sign me up Flora!!! I wanna WIN:o)!!
Congrats on the 100th posting!!!

Kristine said...

Hi Flora!!!

Congratulations on such a successful venture!!!

Flora said...

Thanks all for such lovely comments! and for signing up! good luck to everyone!

RavenNightChild said...

I have so enjoyed looking & reading your posts. What a exciting journey it has been Flora. Please do sign me up & I look forward to seeing & reading much much more!!!

RavenNightChild said...

SIGN ME UP!!! I have enjoyed looking at & reading everything Flora. Congrads on your 100th posts :) Again....LOVE that cake. Blessed Be

Spiritbinder63 said...

Oh Flora, how pretty!! Please sign me up too & congrats on your 100th blog!!

Blessings, Dawn

Lily said...

Great Job, Flora!

I'd like to participate, please. Congratulations on 100 terrific blogs! Blessings, Lily...

Blondie ~ Vintage Primitives said...

Love your work in a form; What a treat for some lucky folks!
Congrats on this milestone, Flora. The world is a better place because of art, and your artwork is outstanding.
Many blessings to YOU and much continued success

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Flora, everything looks fabulous! Please add my name too!

SunshineandRavioli said...

Oh I have been out of my usual blog surfing routine the past month or so, but I sure I am glad I 'm getting back in to the swing of things! PLEASE :0) sign me up..I would be thrilled to win any of your goodies...

And congrats on the reason for the celebration!

Jamie Lott said...

I'm a big fan Flora! Please sign me up!! Congrats!

~ Jamie

BJ said...

Congrats on your blog, it is fantastic as are the things you make! I have a blog here at google and will mention your blog.

Please sign me up for your give away. I would love to win!

Billie, member of HA31 & SEHA

Flora said...

I'm getting all your names as they come! shouldn't be long ..not the way I talk!!

Unknown said...

Flora - these are so fun!!! I really enjoyed looking at your dolls - amazing!! Sign me up!! Congrats on your 100th blog!! Can't wait to hear about your new little one!! Blessings, Sarah

Flora said...

Thank you for visiting me!!! come back soon!

Artisan Memories said...

I am so blessed to be one of your winners. I thank you so much...
I just simply adore you!!!!
Love and hugs.
Laura Ann

Flora said...

LA, What a sweet thing to say! I hope you enjoy the giveaways I made and I'm so glad you won sweetie!