Thursday, June 12, 2008

Home at last!

I recieved a lovely note yesterday about my Sam, he made it safe and sound to his destination and seems to be getting a bit of attention from his new owners. I hope he doesn't get a big head from all the attention it wasn't big enough already?
But suffice is to say that he is with a wonderful family who appreciates him, big head and all, Thank you Dana and Martin.
I just finished sketching a new doll design a few minutes ago, along the lines of Sam but female,somehow the design is better suited for a male? I'll have to get my son to scan the image and post it tomorrow.
I wonder if it will get easier selling my dolls and sending them off, it always feels like I'm missing something once they're gone? I know I know hahaha!! I'm a "little " flakey ...bye bye Sam, good to know that you're home at last!

p.s. don't forget to sign up for the drawing for the giveaways!!!! ( Only 10 more to go!!)


Laura Ann said...

Flora, can't wait to see your newest sketch! It is delightful to see your works in action. Sam was wonderful, and your new gal or guy will be just as!!
Good luck!!!
Laura Ann

Flora said...

Thank you LauraAnn, It's just a rough sketch but you'll get the idea.