Saturday, June 28, 2008

"Sweet Lady Liberty"

Ain't she sweet? Incase you were wondering who those hands belonged to well here she be, all 29" of her! She will be on "The Humble Arts" selling site come this Monday and will be in good company with all the other fantastic artist's offerings. She's the companion to "Uncle Sam I Am" and I think they compliment each other would have....Anywho, she is so very excited and and just wouldn't sit still, I barely had a chance to take this pic, but I persevered!!! So please come on over to "The Humble Arts" the light still on and get ready to be amazed... and um... bring your pocketbook.


Artisan Memories said...

Flora she is delish! She is absolutely faboulus. You know your art is special. I am truly in admiration of all your creations.
its a good thing!!
Laura Ann

Anonymous said...

Lady Liberty is just wonderful. I have delurked to say Thank You so much for your visit to my blog and the best wishes for my Mom. Have a great 4th.

Flora said...

Thank you both for the wonderful comments!LA good to see you again!Sheila thank you for "delurking" and much hope for continued success for your mom's full recovery.

Blondie ~ Vintage Primitives said...

Happy 4th you multi talented and fabulous friend

Flora said...

Same to you Blondie!!!!!

Sandra Caldwell said...

Oh Flora this is a good one...Her eyes and face...too cute...Outstanding kiddo...
Take a peek on my site ...and Another award have you tonight!