Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sleeping beauty

These pictures are just too adorable not to show, A kiss from handsome prince Tristan to Kinsley the Sleeping beauty!!!
I love how beautiful Kinsley looks with her new headband while handsome cousin Avery looks on.

My daughter and new grandie are home at last, after a bit of a scare, safe and sound, with many doting family members, oooing and awwwing at all the little faces sweet Kinsley makes while she sleeps! Big cousins Avery and Tristan wonder what the fuss is all about and just don't understand why they can't touch that little bundle in pink, no matter, they're too busy exploring other things! But with three new teeth between the two of them, we need to keep an extra watchful eye on them and keep them away from the family pet poodle, Berkley...if they can catch him, which won't be too long, poor Berkley.


tattered 'n torn prims said...

You are a blessed granny!! Many congrats and blessings to you all!!


Jodi June said...

CONGRATS to everyone! new mommy and daddy and grammy and cousins... everyone! She is BEAUTIFUL Flora! xoxoxo Congrats!

Flora said...

Isn't she just beautiful?!!!!!Thank you so much for dropping by Jodi and for the kind comments...which of course are true!...hehehe!!!!!!

Doreen Frost said...

OH Flora..what a beautiful family, you are so very blessed.


Flora said...

Thank you Doreen, I truly am!!!