Thursday, June 26, 2008

Articulated hands....

They are one of my favorite part of dollmaking and the most frustrating too!!! Somehow a doll just isn't done unless I can "feel" movement coming from the hands and fingers once they are posed. Even though it is difficult to get them just so, I will keep working on them till my hands are sore, I actually went to bed with numb fingertips the other night! But my dolls fingers do look nice, don't you think?
The Humble Arts will be showing new creations on the 1st of July and my new doll "Sweet Lady Liberty" will be ready in her best "Sunday go to meeting" dress and high heeled shoes! So don't forget to go take a gander at us, just click on the link and you be able to see my Libby and every one else's new offerings! I'll make it real easy for you, click here -> The Humble ArtsDon't be late, I'll keep the light on for ya...hehehe!!!


Gretel said...

Your fingers are indeed lovely. Hands are, it is agreed amoung all artists, the hardest thing, and yours look so natural and - most importantly - correct.

Anonymous said...

The hands look Incredible!! I can only imagine how tedious and time consuming that can be, but well worth it, they really do look great!

Flora said...

PG!!!! How are you? Thank you soooooooo much my sweet friend I do appreciate that comment!!!

Lone Pierette said...

Wow those hands are soo wondeful !
hugs Lone

Flora said...

Sheila and Ione, thank you both for the lovely compliments!!!I'm so glad y'all like them!!! I'm glad I took the time to make like I did...posing helps!