Sunday, June 27, 2010

Prayers for America...

Pray Without Ceasing...

I am anxious to do this, to get this going, so I will send out emails today
informing those that emailed in private and am now posting for those that commented here and on FaceBook.
I am setting the time for July 1st at about 7:00 pm for our moment of prayer,each day for a week. This is Central time, so make sure to set your clocks accordingly for those of you who are on different time zones.
A very kind, new FaceBook friend of mine figured out the times zones for everyone, how sweet was that?!!!!So here they are below

If it is 7pm central time, it will be 8pm eastern time, 3pm pacific time, and 5pm mountain time.
Thank you Leslie!!!!

We can state our intentions prior to saying our prayers, which is for America's healing and to guide our leaders to make the right decisions for the good of it's people.

To my Christian friends I am suggesting to use " The Lords Prayer" if you are familiar with it.
Because I have many friends, not all of whom are Christians, who have stated that they would still like to participate. I think that as long as your prayers are of good will and healing please use them.
This was also suggested by a friend of mine ,for the conclusion of our prayers

May the lord bless you and keep you and may his light shine on you always,Amen

So I am going to offer it to y'all too,
Maybe we could even do this one week every month...or add this intention to our daily/nightly prayers too?
Please email me with any suggestions you might have, we do have time to add something extra, so if the spirit moves you please let me know about it so that
I can offer it?



oldblackcatboo said...

I'm praying before I go to sleep.

Pattee said...

What a sweet photo Flora... Looks like it came right out of the 50's~

Flora said...

I do that too and thanks so much !!!All prayers are appreciated and so very needed now.

Pattee said...

I usually alway set an intention of well being and I will add my thoughts and prayers for the world and it's people, animals and where they all live.

Thanks Flora

Flora said...

Pattee, Your goodness will always shine through.
I Love the picture too, so sweet and innocent...I kinda reminds me of my youngest dd when she was that age...
Many blessings and Thanks!!!

Daryle and Katie said...

Flora... a prayer is offered; let that light shine! Daryle, from Woodstown Whimsies

Robin Armstrong Seeber said...

i worked tonight so i missed this one.. but will try for theo thers, hubby has surgery wednesday, so I won't be here then as I will be in the hospital.. thanks for doing this.. its great!

Christel Hutson said...

I try to make it a habit to pray for someone other than myself each and every day. It may be a husband of a blog friend I have never met, or a child of a friends sister ect..I think there is definately power in prayer, and God hears each and every prayer. Tonight I will say a prayer that more people will see your post, and follow your lead. Bless you Flora, you are a sweet soul. xoxo Christel

Flora said...

Robin you haven't missed anything!!
The prayers start the first of next month, so your ok, but you can start sooner and we'll catch up with you?
Prayers for an uneventful surgery and a speedy recovery for your husband!!!
And many thanks to you for joining us!!!

Abi said...

This is a lovely idea Flora.
Hope you have a beautiful week :O)

Flora said...

To Daryle and Katie,Christel and now Abi, my blog seems to think it's the magician in a magic show?
It likes to do disappearing acts with my comments and does it quite often.
I'm so sorry for missing your kind comments, I'm very grateful that each and everyone of you have stopped by with such encouraging words about our prayer group.
I hope we can all take the time no matter how busy we are to do this.
Thanks again and I look forward to
seeing y'all soon.

William Bezek said...

Prayer is great if that's what you are into, but I truly hope this isn't the extent of your activism. Do you think those thousands of lobbyists on Capital Hill pray for big business?

Kathy said...

Thanks Flora for letting me know you put a post up...I'm there July wonderful and powerful this will be to set an alarm on my cell phone.

Bright blessings,

PS I'm originally from Pasadena, TX :D

Flora said...

Well then Hello Kathy,fellow Texan !!! I am trying to contact everyone who commented and emailed me, I hope I don't miss anyone.

My dear sweet William, do I detect anger or is it ridicule? I BELIEVE that although this is like a small ripple, it CAN have a very positive effect on everything in this world,including the leaders so in a word "Faith", that's what it's all about. In the meantime here is a link to a wonderful " activist "
doing her small part too.
Maybe the if those lobbyist along with big business not only did more praying to our lord for guidance but listened to and followed his word ,the world would be a better place?
I know big business doesn't care about me or my prayers and prayer group, but I do...<3
I'm glad you came to visit.

Ree said...

Oh AMEN and God bless you! I have been praying every morning and would love to have a time to send all our prayers up at once. Thank you for posting this!

Xoxoxxx Ree

William Bezek said...

No, not anger or ridicule. Not sure what you mean by either? I just wanted to say that I think your heart is in the right place but if you really wanted to make some changes you could supplement your prayers with some other action that would be more vocal or visible to those who need to hear it.

PEA said...

I will be praying girl friend.

Flora said...

Ree!!! Hello sweetie!!! I'm happy that you can join us, I feel the same and Thank you so much!!!

Flora said...

DearPea, I knew I could count on you to!!! Thank you so much!!!

I'm taking baby steps, this is not what I have ever done. You lead and I just might be able to follow...
Please send me links to where I can get an idea of what more I can do? I'm sure no matter what we choose to do, I'm positive something good can be accomplished.


The Pixie Knoll said...


Bless your soul my sweet friend. Your heart is in the right place, and that is what matters. Your ripple, though it may be small, will grow bigger as it's rings reach out to touch others. All it takes is one small pebble to land in the middle of the pool of water; you, my friend have been that pebble. Our nation needs many prayers, and I can assure you that our citizens have been praying for some time now. A nation without God is a nation lost forever. We must have faith that our prayers will be answered, that He does hear us. I still believe we are "One Nation Under God" that will never change.

Bless you and take care,

Flora said...

I believe the same thing too Lori,
and thanks for the encouraging words, they are always so welcomed and appreciated, as are the prayers!!!Thank you for visiting and taking the time to give the kind comments.

b.b.flockling * Rose said...

My prayers will be heartily joining you too, dear Flora!
I firmly believe that by making an effort to quiet our soul in prayer, expressing the heart's desires and then listening and watching for a door to open to fulfill that will!!! God will definately inspire ways to bless our country if we ask, (what would please Him more?!) particular to what our gifts are. A prayer can begin that process for sure. Stepping out in faith/action is the key...which is exactly what you have done by calling us together for such an important cause!! Bless you for that, Rose

Flora said...

Rose,I am so touched by your words, you don't know how much they mean to me,all I can say is Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
And everyone who took the time to
comment, no matter what was said ,I'm grateful. We were all brought together for a reason.
Thanks again Rose for reminding me
of that.
Many Blessings,Flora