Friday, June 25, 2010

God Bless America....

Land that I love....
For too long I have taken for granted that this wonderful ,great country would always be a beacon, a shining star above all else, lately my great country isn't shining so brightly anymore, for whatever reasons.
I felt a need to do something...but what to do...?
Since I've always believed in the power of prayer and I have always believed in miracles through prayer ,even though it makes me more than a bit uncomfortable to ask anyone for anything, I had an urgent need to ask friends and family to pray.
So I'm hoping that you will join me in what I hope will be a gathering of many,
to pray for our nation to heal, through wisdom for our leaders to make right and just decisions for all of us.
Take a moment each day , at an appointed time in unison, to bow our heads in prayer for a week this coming month or more if you wish.
I'm hoping that we can do this either early morning to start off the day or later in the evening when our families are all together?
Some wonderful friends have already committed to do this with me, I'd love to have anyone who wants to to join us.
Send me an email and let me know what time would be best for you and we can get started.



ODD imagination said...

You are a brave and powerful soul Flora! (You received my "Yes" response earlier today via my work email). I wouldn't mind mornings because it would be a beautiful to start each day. :o)
Big Hugs!

Flora said...

Thank you Denise!!!! Together I believe we can make a miracles happen!!!I will talley up how many want mornings and how many want evenings then take it from there ok?

Light and Shadow Studio said...

Hi Flora, I think this is a wonderful idea and would love to join you and others. I try to say a prayer for our leaders from time to time anyway. Mornings work for me. Hope many more join in. Prayer does make a difference. Tammy

Kathy said...

Hi Flora....I so agree! I'm in for mornings as well (I'm on the pacific coast). It's always a great way to start your day out.

Bright blessings,

Susan said...


count me in I pray every morning, while, should I say it, I am taking a shower. it's like my prayer closet so to speak.
I have personal knowledge of the power of prayers and healing, and oh boy America, And Americans really needs it to save us all.
Blessing Susan

Pattee said...

A group of friends and colleagues prayer for a friend that had cancer and through prayer, thoughts, love, this man is now in remission without doing any other thing....

The power of prayer (and laughter) is huge!

We can change the world!
Blessings to you Flora~

Flora said...

Dear Tammy Kathy Susan and Pattee!!!This is so absolutely wonderful Everyone knows the power of prayer and is willing to do this!!!!
I am waiting for a few more folks and am shooting for the begining of this coming month? I thought maybe evening prayers when all family members were home, but I will send out emails and see who can do what? I'll post more later.
Thanks again!!!

Leslie said...

Flora- Can't wait until July 1st for the prayers for America. So you can post the different time zones for the prayers...
If it is 7pm central time, it will be 8pm eastern time, 3pm pacific time, and 5pm mountain time. Maybe this can help with the coordination?
Thanks for FBing me so I can participate!
Blessings Always,

Flora said...

Leslie, thank you so much for doing this, I didn't even think...!! I will add it to my blog post right a way!!!
I am very happy to have you join in!!!