Friday, June 4, 2010

I get by with ....

A little help from my friends...

my sweet friend Lisa Johnson of " Skunk Hallow Country Store wrote a little article about muah and my dolls over at Wymzee Art Friends Show I think she did a wonderful job and there's a lot to see not just my art but other very talented ladies and their art are also showcased, please go on over and say hey and tell her I sent ya!!!



The French Bear said...

Flora, your art dolls are incredible!!! I meant to ask you if you sold your Alice doll? I absolutely loved her!!!!
I will most definitely go and see what she wrote!!!
Have a happy weekend!
Margaret B

Flora said...

Hello and Welcome Maragaret!!! Such a pleasure to make new friends!!! Thanks so much for the compliment about Alice,but she is on hold for a friend/buyer.Please do come again!!!

Tami @ Lemon Tree Tales said...

That was a lovely interview of you. Nice to see an overview of your Halloween creations as well. :-)

Flora said...

Hello Tami!!! How wonderful to hear from you again!!! Thanks for visiting with me!!!