Friday, August 12, 2011


A late entry for the STJ update tonight
An"geli"que is a "Dynkie Angel"

Joyful Song

Let's lift our voice in song
and bow our head to pray.
The joyful song of faith
sent sweetly on it's way.
With words of praise and glory
For The One who made this day.
by Flora Thompson

So sorry but didn't have time to do WIPS of the whole process just the usual stuff, from cutting the foam then rolling out the clay and applying it to the foam base.
More later , SEE YA!!!


maddyrose said...

Absolutely adorable. I really love your sculpts.

Georgina said...

As always, muchacha, just adorable!!

Flora said...

Morning MaddyRose and Georgina!!!
Thanks muchly for always brightening up my day and thanks for always commenting so sweetly!!!

Angela said...

Flora this is my first time visiting your blog. I found you on ImagiMeri's! Love your angel! I still am learning about paperclay and it would be great to see more tutorials from you for some of us newbies in this form of art! :)

Flora said...

hello and welcome Angela!!!
It's just a wonderful thing to be able to teach new artist what little I do know, thank you for the opportunity . I usually do post the process but I have been remiss in my WIPs,sometimes because of time constraints I don't always get the pictures !!!
Hopefully I can get back to doing a better job of my step by step process, thanks again and I hope to " see you " soon!!


I hate to cook! said...

Where is the music from on your blog? I love this song but cannot place what movie it is your blog and your art :) Is it Willy Wonka?

Flora said...

Hello and welcome Kathy!!!Thank you for the kind comment, all the music by Danny Elfman, I think it's the Edward Scissorhands theme, Ice Castles? Hope to see you often!!