Monday, April 21, 2008

My cup runneth over....

My friend Katie of Punkindoodleboo
has given me the "Award of Excellence" for my blog and art! It's very flattering to get these awards from the very talented friends I have here on the web! I had to figure out which ones to honour with this award too and I think these artisans are great choices. If you go visit them, you'll know why!
Rebecca ~ MillerCampbellDesigns
Lorraine ~ PieCakePrimitives
Tiipetti ~ WhobyFire
Ivonne ~ TheCacklingCrows
Susan ~ PrimandProper
I just had to add that Ivonne had given me the same award! I found out when I went to tell her about hers !!!!!


Susan Walker said...

Awww..shucks! Thank you so much Flora! I am honored. :-) Susan

Susan Walker said...

Awwwww...shucks!! Thank you so much Flora! I am honored. :-) Hugs-S

Flora said...

Your quite welcomed!!!!I mean it too!

Rebecca said...

Thank you so much Flora. That is extra special coming from someone as talented as yourself. I really admire your fantastic creations so much.


Flora said...

Rebecca, so glad you came to visit!
The feeling is mutual and thank you!

Lone Pierette said...

Flora - your blog IS wonderful and your little doll Raven is just adorable - almost wrong to dress her !
hugs Lone

Flora said...

Lone!!!!!! Glad to hear from you,thank you for the lovely words!

Unknown said...

Oh Wow!! Flora, THANK YOU SO MUCH! Just was popping in to see what was new with ya..I've been bad at blogging lately..LOL!!
What an honor coming from you!!
I'm not worthy!!!!!
(bowing down like Wayne and Garth)

Flora said...

Lorraine you are such a hoot!!!! I love hearing from you!!!