Saturday, January 26, 2008

Challenges, challenges and more challenges!

So I joined another doll group not too long ago ( like I really have time to make more dollies )and I had to come up with a dolly that a feebleminded prestidigitator ( Whew what a word...still not sure if I spelled it right ) ok, ok MAGICIAN, anyway what his feeble mind would come up with. I had this image in my mind of a witch doctor, and this is what I came up with. A bit demented huh? He's done in watercolor pencils on smooth bristol board, my very first, thank you very much! and I'm including a print of him with the doll auction.

I have been wanting to use this kind of gourd for a while ( I also used them for my Valentine Cuties ) so here was the opportunity, I decided to make a shrunken head dolly with it and started with a little glue over it then the clay, the magician above is the impetus for her and of course the doll group...hehehe! And this is what she looked like after.

I didn't like the way the legs looked so I changed them.

This is what they look like now, I added an internal wire for posing,( no she doesn't stand on her own!) She needed color so I painted her and she is now stationary.

Here she is before the paint,antique,hair and dressing.

A doll with a face that only her maker could love...sigh!


laughingdollstudio said...

Just amazing Flora!!!! Wow--he's truly AWESOME!!


Flora said...

Thanks Deb! and thank you for visiting me, hope you come often!

SympleTymes Cloth Art By Sherrie Nordgren said...

Oh wow Flora you are so pretty and your soooo talented and amazing!I sure miss talking with you,Thanks you for tagging me, I have tagged 5others..I visit your wonderful blog often.I so enjoy your creations!(((((Hugs)))))Sherrie

Flora said...

You are so sweet ! thank you for the compliments!

SALLY said...

HACan't wait to see this one done. And I can't wait to get my wonderful devil boy, hope he arrives soon!!! Sally

Flora said...

Sally ,
this one will be on tonite! I do hope your devil gets there soon too!

craftswithcare said...

Flora, you are an amazing artist!!
He is truly wonderful!!